The Ultimate Marketing Gifts Ideas with Your Brand Front and Center

the right marketing gifts for your customers


You probably have plenty sitting on your desk; branded notepads, pens, fun gimmicks you’ve picked up along the way or received from vendors. They’re everywhere, and even your own customers and prospects expect marketing gifts.

Today, we have more choices than ever when it comes to services and products. The choice doesn’t simply end with a purchase or contract. Customer retention, in fact, is vital to sustainable growth.

So, how do you show your customers just how much you care? Besides an exceptional service or product, the answer is branded gifts.

Feeling stumped for ideas that will keep your brand top of mind? Here are a few suggestions to help get your creative juices flowing.

Marketing Gifts + Technology Giveaways

The first-prize promotional products are about usefulness. Tech gifts are probably the most useful marketing gifts you could give to your clients. Beyond their usefulness, tech gadgets are popular among recipients.

Smart brands know that tech-related giveaways are a must. One of the main goals of promotional gifts is to increase brand awareness, and an effective way to do this is by gifting products people find valuable and will use.

Stuck for ideas? Consider power banks, USB hubs, or phone stands all professionally branded with your logo.

Branded Notebooks

A stack of branded Post-its is a no-no. But an elegant leather-bound notebook in your company colors or sporting a subtle logo on the cover makes for useful, classy marketing gifts for any recipient.

Branded Pens

We have to mention pens. Pens are simple, but they’re one promotional gift that never goes out of style.

In fact, promotional pens are a simple way to add instant brand recognition to any event. Whether they’re placed at your own front desk or used by your staff, pens are powerful marketing tools. Sure, it’s a basic idea as far as marketing gifts go, but they’re highly effective. Plus, they’ll go well with that branded notebook!

A Coffee Table Book

A little thoughtfulness goes a long way when it comes to solidifying client relationships. Go the extra mile and look for coffee table books that refer to your client’s personal interests or city. Find a book your valued clients will be proud to display in their office, something that is sure to serve as a conversation starter for a long time to come.

Then, have the booked subtly branded with your logo and include a personal message on the inside of the front cover.

Branded Tea or Coffee Blends

Who doesn’t love a tea or coffee break? Create a deluxe package of flavored teas or gourmet coffees, complete with your own branding. Present your selection in a beautifully branded keepsake box that your recipients can use time and again once their tea or coffee is finished.

Lighthearted Marketing Gifts

Your promotional gifts don’t have to be all business. Sometimes it’s good to show the lighter side of your brand’s personality.

Fun promotional giveaways are the products that leave lasting impressions and keep your brand front and center. They help you stand out by showing your team as fun-loving and excited about what they do. Lighthearted items can also brighten a prospect or client’s day.

Thing along the lines of talking pens, stress reliever, and even crazy putty eggs.

Give the Perfect Marketing Gift

Marketing gifts that keep your brand top-of-mind take some brainstorming. The trick is not to overdo it. Keep your gifts in proportion to how much a customer spends with you to make sure there’s no awkwardness.

Also, personalize those gifts. We’re not talking about branding, that’s a given. Rather, don’t order a dozen wine of the month subscriptions and send them to every client, even those who don’t drink wine. Instead, put thought into your marketing gifts and you’re sure to remain front and center in your client’s and prospect’s minds all year round!

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