The Branding Value of a Keepsake Box

The Branding Value of a Keepsake Box


Most brands would kill for instant recognition. In other words: branding value.

Especially in terms of presentation.

That’s where keepsake boxes for promotional items come in handy.

But, how do you achieve instantaneous recognition with a box? Has it been done before?


Think Tiffany’s.

The Little Blue Box We All Recognize

Tiffany & Co’s robin’s egg blue box is world-renowned.

It was Bernd H. Schmitt who, in 1999, wrote in his book, Experiential Marketing, that more than once people have bought a gift somewhere else and placed it in a Tiffany box to enhance its value.

But, just how did a little turquoise cardboard box become the embodiment of every girl’s diamond dreams and desires?

Charles Lewis Tiffany, it is said, was passionate about the finer things in life, including finding the most sensational diamonds. So, Mr. Tiffany began Tiffany’s packaging legacy.

Tiffany started out with a store specializing in stationary and fancy goods after loaning $1,000 from his father. Soon after, Tiffany packaging gained global recognition.

Studies show that packaging, along with brand awareness, shows significant positive relationships with brand loyalty.

While some say that Tiffany chose that signature blue to reflect how in vouge turquoise was at the time, we don’t know for sure. What we do know for sure is that the hue instantly became an identification mark for the brand, and as a result for the finest jewelry on the market.

In 1906, the New York Sun reported that Charles Lewis Tiffany could offer one thing that you simply couldn’t buy for as much money as you may have. And that is one of the boxes.

So, can a keepsake box that generates interest and excitement in a product or company behave as a standalone and fearless brand?

Maybe. In Tiffany’s case, the brand is Tiffany & Co., yet a simple box delivers an instant brand message. That message is of love – romance, future, and family.

Delivering a Distinct Brand Message with a Box

For some people, Tiffany’s blue box symbolizes hundreds of years of style and design. For others, it’s the promise of sparkly, valuable diamonds.

The real enchantment, though, is that the little blue box ignites an emotional connection. The quality, style, and design are at the core of the Tiffany brand which all translate to love.

What can we, therefore, learn from Tiffany’s?

Let’s take a look.

1. Branding Is a Process

Building your brand is a long-term investment, and at the very heart is consistency. Tiffany’s has spent in the region of two centuries designing and creating valued items. Had the trend towards budget items continued, that little blue box may well have lost its magical appeal.

Rather, the Tiffany brand continues to be bolstered by a solid commitment to quality and style.

The takeaway here is to keep your quality and style consistent with your branded keepsake boxes for your promotional items.

2. Effective Brand Messaging Is a Must

While that blue box is certainly an icon, it is not Tiffany’s brand. It’s a powerful brand messenger. The box evokes thoughts of love, quality, and luxury. Any icon can only be as powerful as the brand that it represents.

In other words, the keepsake boxes that you present to clients are only as effective as your brand. If you have a quality brand and you present promotional keepsakes in quality packaging, you’re more likely to remain top-of-mind.

3. The Power of a Brand Is Its Emotional Connection

Every brand that has ever succeeded has created an emotional bond with its customers. Every purchase decision has some sort of emotional attachment, and there is no denying that Tiffany’s has fostered that emotional bond.

Think about your current promotional packaging. What emotions does it evoke? Do your prospects and clients look forward to receiving something in your branded packaging? They should.

Branding Value: Effective Branding and Quality Packaging

The superior result of impactful branding and quality packaging is creating and then delivering the highest possible value. It’s important because the more value you’re able to deliver through the right branding and packaging, the more profit you’ll receive.

As Tiffany’s shows us, fearless brands are built with commitment and consistency, and that consistency needs to extend to your keepsake packaging.

Your aim should be to build your brand such that when anyone sees it, the effect is similar to Tiffany’s blue box. Add value, be relevant, and be authentic.

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