How to Deliver the Ultimate Corporate Gift

For most companies, corporate gift-giving is as timeless as it is important.

Whether you opt for extravagant gifts for your most important clients or tokens of gratitude for your employees, your gifts indicate that your relationships are valuable.

What’s more, the business benefits you can accrue from giving corporate gifts are manifold, from employee satisfaction and increased productivity to longevity in your client relationships.

Practiced well and aligned with your business ethics, gift giving can be a vital part of your business. There are a few things to consider when it comes to presenting your gifts.

Presentation Matters

What’s a gift without the right packaging? Yes, it’s still a token, but don’t underestimate the power of presentation.

Just think about how your client will feel when receiving your gift. A bespoke box with branded paper and a handwritten note all contribute to attention to detail and the “wow” factor that keeps your brand and business top of mind.

What About Delivery?

Packaging is important and so is the way in which you deliver your corporate gifts.

The best method of delivery, by far, is to hand deliver your stunning, well-chosen gifts personally.

Of course, we live in the age of all things digital, so hand delivery may not always be practicable. Your next best choice, then, is to have a courier drop ship your gift to your recipient with a personalized gift card. Most reputable corporate gift suppliers will offer to ship and therefore know not to include the cost of the gift or your bill when delivering the item to your client.

Another factor to consider is timing. Timely delivery is essential. That’s why you should always specify when you need your gift delivered by and also remember to pick the appropriate shipping method. Most corporate gift businesses have a processing time before the item is shipped. Shipping times can vary depending on locations.

Keep this in mind. Nothing is quite as embarrassing as having a special gift delivered to an important customer late, with a price tag on, and in a standard brown box.

Another important point to remember is that if you are stitching, screening, engraving or debossing your logo or a special message onto items, manufacturers usually take around 7 – 10 business days for production. There’s also shipping time on top of that.

Be sure to give yourself enough time to complete your order, preferably with a little time to spare.

Making Sure You Deliver the Ultimate Corporate Gift

Make It Personal

Whether or not you can hand deliver your special gifts, a personalized gift speaks volumes about your business and is guaranteed to create a lasting impression with the receiver. It’s the perfect way to develop and solidify a connection and celebrate your bond.

Impersonal gifts delivered late, with the price tag on and the bill included, end up in the trash.

Never Compromise on Quality

Once you start planning your corporate gifts for the year, the first step is to decide on your budget. Then, give only the best within your budget range.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t quite stretch the budget, but it does matter if you compromise on quality. The gift you’re giving impacts the reputation of your company. Spend wisely.

Don’t forget to budget for custom gift packaging to indeed create a lasting impression.

Get the Timing Right

The most obvious time to give corporate gifts is the holiday season. Many companies have realized that giving impression-making gifts other times of the year has a far greater impact.

Make a note of important dates for your clients and then choose your gifts in time to deliver for those dates. Whether it’s a promotion, birthday or special milestone, or even the anniversary of your first year doing business together, your delivery time counts, too.

No matter when and how you give your gift, the goal is to leave a lasting impression all year long.

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