How to Find Branded Luxury Corporate Gifts

How to Find Branded Luxury Corporate Gifts

Promotional items are often used for advertising and brand recognition purposes. Think along the lines of cheap baskets, t-shirts, and branded pens. They may do the job, but they’re not exactly high-end gifts.

Luxury corporate gifts, on the other hand, are top-quality items presented to those important and valued clients, business partners, and sometimes employees. Branded luxury gifts are a true sign of recognition and gratitude.

A corporate gift should always be something of quality, be it luxury toiletries and soaps or an excellent bottle of wine branded with your client’s logo. Whatever the gift may be, it is class and quality that make corporate gifts stand head and shoulders above promotional items.

When it comes to finding and selecting luxury branded gifts, keep in mind that they ought to be personal. The gifts should, in some way, reflect the recipient’s personality.

You want your client’s luxury branded gifts to leave a lasting impression.

Below, we discuss a few do’s and don’ts to help you find luxury branded gifts.

Do’s and Don’ts of Finding Corporate Gifts for Clients


  • Make sure the spelling of names on outgoing gifts is correct
  • Send different gifts if you send gifts to the same people each year
  • Send unisex gifts, so they’re not construed as a romantic gesture
  • Find out about any corporate gift policies that some companies implement


  • Send a group gift. Instead send individualized gifts unless the client is a large company and multiple people are the points of contact in one location
  • Forget the assistants who are often the very first point of contact
  • Give gifts to former clients – it looks like you’re trying to win them back

A Few More Things to Consider

When branding luxury items, consider giving gifts that are unique, fun, and desirable. It’s important to be original, but the gift should also appeal to a broader audience of recipients.

What’s more, the gifts should be useful. An everyday item, like a handy bag or designer scarf, is sure to be appreciated more than something that’s going to be tossed in a cupboard.

As for the branding, limit the use of messages and logos. Consider the item being presented. Each item usually warrants a different message. So, use your discretion when placing logos on items and avoid over-branding a business.

It’s worth doing a little homework, too. Find out what recipients want. Perhaps the recipient recently upgraded his or her iPad and wanted a new case for it. Whatever it may be, go for quality. Any corporate gift you send reflects the image of the company. It’s worth finding the best quality items in line with the budget.

Studies show that corporate gifts help increase and enhance business relationships.

Once you’ve found the perfect corporate gifts, deliver them personally instead of using a courier.

What About the Budget?

So, how can you find luxury branded corporate gifts to suit the budget? Here are a few ideas:

  • Low-cost gifts – these are the types of gifts that will be used regularly. Consider good quality, useful items that won’t end up in the trash. Think along the lines of notebooks and electronics chargers.
  • Mid-priced gifts – this is arguably the most common price range for corporate gifts, and there are plenty of options, such as USB sticks, padfolios, scarves, and blankets.
  • High-priced gifts – depending on the recipient, you may want to splurge on an exceptional gift. Get something classy that is bound to be cherished, such as a leather bag, a jacket, a wine set, or Bluetooth speakers.

When to Give Luxury Corporate Gifts

The sense of occasion and quality inherent in the perfectly-chosen gift ought to be reflected by the frequency with which they’re given.

Corporate gifts should be saved for special occasions. Christmas, the signing of a big deal or as a “thank you” for a great job are examples of when to give quality, individualized corporate gifts to valued clients or employees.

Ultimately, the gift you choose to brand and present should represent gratitude and appreciation for the loyalty of the recipient.

Don’t Forget the Packaging

A unique gift calls for high-quality, bespoke packaging to complete the ensemble.

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