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The Ultimate Marketing Gifts Ideas with Your Brand Front and Center

the right marketing gifts for your customers


You probably have plenty sitting on your desk; branded notepads, pens, fun gimmicks you’ve picked up along the way or received from vendors. They’re everywhere, and even your own customers and prospects expect marketing gifts.

Today, we have more choices than ever when it comes to services and products. The choice doesn’t simply end with a purchase or contract. Customer retention, in fact, is vital to sustainable growth.

So, how do you show your customers just how much you care? Besides an exceptional service or product, the answer is branded gifts.

Feeling stumped for ideas that will keep your brand top of mind? Here are a few suggestions to help get your creative juices flowing.Continue Reading..

5 Marketing Solutions for Your Marketing Idea

Marketing Idea

It seems like so many businesses battle to understand the importance of sound marketing ideas. Some quickly put together a shoddy strategy. Others don’t have a clue. These companies have yet to realize the value of having amazing ideas to help them reach their goals. They rely on hard work and dedication. And that’s certainly important. But if you have fierce competition in your domain, you know all too well how important unique ideas are.

Say you’ve put together a sound strategy with some fantastic ideas. You need to know how to execute them for ultimate success flawlessly. Here are our top tips for doing just that.Continue Reading..

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to presentation, the devil is in the details

There’s no denying that corporate gifts play an important role in promoting your business and keeping you top of your client’s minds. They’re vital tools in the communication promotion blend.

But, a corporate gift is also an essential arsenal in your toolbox. Offer the right gift at the right time, and you can solidify relationships with your recipients. It’s for this reason that the right fit offers a valuable means of creating long-lasting bonds with customers and employees alike. In turn, that builds support and promotes new affiliations for your brand.

There seem to be a few things to consider when it comes to gift giving, and that includes the way in which you present your corporate gifts.

The devil well and indeed is in the detail when branding your gifts.Continue Reading..

7 Uses for a Keepsake Box

These days, memories can be captured and stored in different ways. Thanks to smartphones and social media, we can now document pretty much every moment of the day on various platforms, no matter how unique or special the moment is.

Even though these platforms are undoubtedly groundbreaking, they tend to lack the intimacy of physical reminders.

Whether you want to commemorate a special event, friendship, or present your clients with something they are sure to remember, a keepsake box is the way to go.

So, we’ve decided to explore a few different ideas for what you can do with your keepsake box.Continue Reading..

How to Deliver the Ultimate Corporate Gift

For most companies, corporate gift-giving is as timeless as it is important.

Whether you opt for extravagant gifts for your most important clients or tokens of gratitude for your employees, your gifts indicate that your relationships are valuable.

What’s more, the business benefits you can accrue from giving corporate gifts are manifold, from employee satisfaction and increased productivity to longevity in your client relationships.

Practiced well and aligned with your business ethics, gift giving can be a vital part of your business. There are a few things to consider when it comes to presenting your gifts.Continue Reading..

The Branding Value of a Keepsake Box

The Branding Value of a Keepsake Box


Most brands would kill for instant recognition. In other words: branding value.

Especially in terms of presentation.

That’s where keepsake boxes for promotional items come in handy.

But, how do you achieve instantaneous recognition with a box? Has it been done before?


Think Tiffany’s.Continue Reading..

How to Find Branded Luxury Corporate Gifts

How to Find Branded Luxury Corporate Gifts

Promotional items are often used for advertising and brand recognition purposes. Think along the lines of cheap baskets, t-shirts, and branded pens. They may do the job, but they’re not exactly high-end gifts.

Luxury corporate gifts, on the other hand, are top-quality items presented to those important and valued clients, business partners, and sometimes employees. Branded luxury gifts are a true sign of recognition and gratitude.

A corporate gift should always be something of quality, be it luxury toiletries and soaps or an excellent bottle of wine branded with your client’s logo. Whatever the gift may be, it is class and quality that make corporate gifts stand head and shoulders above promotional items.

When it comes to finding and selecting luxury branded gifts, keep in mind that they ought to be personal. The gifts should, in some way, reflect the recipient’s personality.

You want your client’s luxury branded gifts to leave a lasting impression.

Below, we discuss a few do’s and don’ts to help you find luxury branded gifts.Continue Reading..

Why Executive Gifts Are Difficult to Choose

Why Executive Gifts Are Difficult to Choose

Giving gifts is a tradition that’s followed around the globe. It’s also something that stumps a great deal of us.

Studies have shown that people usually prefer to receive gifts that they have requested. That’s great. But, many gift givers go, rogue, believing that spontaneous presents are more considerate.

This is all well and good. But, what about choosing gifts to impress executives? It’s a lot tougher than you may realize.

That’s because executives may have a particular taste. They may have specific interests. They’re also not usually personal friends. So, it’s a fine line between a gift that says “you’re appreciated” and one that says “we look forward to continuing to build this working relationship.”

It’s hard work.Continue Reading..

High-End Gift Ideas for High-Paying Customers

High-end gift ideas should be incorporated into your ad and brand campaign. That is because gifts make a positive statement, especially when they are given to high-paying customers. When you use just the right box to highlight a promotional gift, you will find that the gesture will cement relationships with your customers. Therefore, you want to make sure you choose just the perfect item. To ensure that your gift receives the notice it deserves, you need to make sure it fits the likes or preferences of your customers.Continue Reading..

Where Promotional Agencies Obtain Their Packaging

Packaging for promotions is essential if you want to garner notice from your clients. The packaging makes a promotional item stand out. Therefore, you need to use care in selecting a business that offers packaging services.

Promotional packaging today must be a work of art – created in the form of a gift box. Make sure the box features a foam insert to display your products. It should be constructed with a soft lamination. In turn, the perceived value of your promotional item is immediately enhanced.Continue Reading..