7 Uses for a Keepsake Box

These days, memories can be captured and stored in different ways. Thanks to smartphones and social media, we can now document pretty much every moment of the day on various platforms, no matter how unique or special the moment is.

Even though these platforms are undoubtedly groundbreaking, they tend to lack the intimacy of physical reminders.

Whether you want to commemorate a special event, friendship, or present your clients with something they are sure to remember, a keepsake box is the way to go.

So, we’ve decided to explore a few different ideas for what you can do with your keepsake box.

7 Uses for Your Keepsake Box

1. Keep Baby’s Memories Safe

Children grow up so quickly. This leaves parents scrambling to preserve those special memories and moments to remind themselves and their kids of those important growing years.

Since just about every moment is special in a child’s life for the parents, there are a few items that are must-keeps. You can keep the following safe and secure in a personalized keepsake box:

  • Baby’s first pacifier
  • Hospital bracelet
  • Your child’s first locket of hair
  • Their first baby tooth
  • The first pair of booties

3. Make a Funky Wall Shelf

Wall shelves come in handy. Whether you have a sturdy keepsake box or several, you can arrange them on a wall, off-centered to create a functional yet artistic shelf or two.

Just one box? Pair it with some art to add a 3D talking point to your wall. You could paint the box whatever color you like and nail it to the wall or use adhesive tape if you don’t plan on storing anything substantial on it.

A framed photo, a potted plant, or a few books will add depth and focus to any room when you use a keepsake box as a shelf.

3. Store Your Wedding Memorabilia

A wedding day is a sentimental moment in anyone’s life. A keepsake box is a perfect solution for everything from the official wedding photographs to your wedding vows, copies of the invitations, that delicious fruit cake, and any other special items from the day.

4. A Literal Storage Solution

A keepsake box is highly functional when it comes to storing things in one place, within easy reach.

Need somewhere to store recipe cards? Perhaps you like to file away receipts, or you want to keep the craft tools at hand. No problem!

The size and depth of a keepsake box are perfect for storing those everyday items. You can then tuck it away until you need it.

You can even personalize your box with markers, too, so you know what’s inside.

5. A Box for Your Bestie

A life-long friendship, one that has gone through all the highs and lows over the years, deserves the right kind of commemoration beyond a gallery of selfies.

Here are a few ideas for items you can store to help define your special friendship:

  • A shared favorite movie or album
  • Mementos from special vacations taken together
  • Something related to an inside joke you share
  • Things that highlight your friendship, whether it’s something from summer camp or a takeout coffee mug from the place you first met

6. Create Extra Bedroom Storage

How often have you run out of space for storing your bits and pieces? A keepsake box is a great way to store everything from scarves and gloves to jewelry, pocket squares, and even bow ties.

Keep your box safely in your closet where you can easily access it when you need it.

7. Corporate Gifts That Won’t Be Forgotten

Research shows that 82% of people have a better impression of a brand when they receive personalized promotional products.

Handcrafted gift boxes make an incredible first impression on customers. Paired with a well-thought gift for the recipient and topped with custom digitally printed tissue paper, you can present an elegant gift that shows just how much your brand and business cares about your customers.

Isn’t It Time You Considered a Keepsake Box?

Whether you’ve been gifted a keepsake box or you’re looking for a unique way to nurture leads and promote your brand, a keepsake box can be incredibly versatile.

If you’re looking for something different, talk to Keepsake Box USA today.

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